Welcome – Thank you for choosing Washington Orthotics & Prosthetics

With so many recent insurance changes and requirements – we find it necessary to modify our approach to allow us to provide prosthetic services without delay.  If you think you need any services at all – call us right away – we need to understand what is needed as soon as possible so we can assist you in obtaining supportive documentation.

For existing WA O&P patients in need of replacement supplies such as socks, sleeves or liners, prosthetic socket fittings, knee, foot or any major component replacement – please call Kristi Lizotte, Prosthetic Insurance and Authorization Liaison 253-761- 9255 right away.  This will be the fastest way to obtain the services and supplies that you need!

Our Prosthetic Insurance and Authorization Liaison will assist you in obtaining a prescription and documentation, informing you of any out-of-pocket expenses upfront when possible.  If we have worked with your treating physician in the past, it is possible we can work with them again.  However we may refer you to a Physiatrist, or PM&R Doctor (physical medicine and rehabilitation) who will perform a thorough physical examination and write a detailed prescription and document your goals and prosthetic needs that your insurance requires.  Physiatrists have a broad medical training that allows them to diagnose, assess and manage disorders that produce temporary or permanent impairment – such as having amputation. They develop and oversee individual rehabilitation care and pain management plans for the patients, with the goals of enhancing performance and decreasing pain.  If you do not currently see a Physiatrist, this can be a great physician to have on your team who will act as your advocate and most patients will agree.

Ultimately, we are simply trying to obtain the most supportive documentation to allow your insurance to cover your claim.  Our goal is to follow insurance requirements precisely – so we do not burden you financially whenever possible.  We want to maintain a lifelong relationship in providing prosthetic services and want you to always feel free to call whenever you need us.

Remember – receiving a prosthesis can be a detailed process involving different specialists and require specific documentation for your insurance.  Yes – we understand the process may seem complex and involved, but please be patient as we all work to help you regain your mobility in the fastest way possible!

Please retain the contact information below regarding your “go to” person in providing prosthetic services and care moving forward.

WA O&P Staff Contacts:

Kristi Lizotte
Prosthetic Insurance and Authorization Liaison
(253) 761-9255 ext. 104

Nicole Garcia
(253) 761-9255 ext. 101

Kelly Houser
(253) 301-3500

Thomas Lizotte
CEO/Clinic Manager
(253) 761-9255 ext. 103

Todd Gillilck
CPO, Practitioner of Prosthetics & Orthotics
(253) 761-9255 ext. 109

Igor Lesko
CPO, Practitioner of Prosthetics & Orthotics
(253) 761-9255 ext. 106

Madison Rawson
Orthotics & Prosthetic Resident
(253) 761-9255 ext. 106

Andrew Requa
COF Certified Fitter, Practitioner Assistant
(253) 761-9255 ext. 109