Why You Should Choose WA O&P
For comfort, function, and life.


Each staff practitioner has more than 10 years experience in practicing both Orthotics and Prosthetics and is dedicated to providing the best outcomes for our patients.

Helping people with difficult challenges and finding solutions that really work is priority one.

Real Patient Care

The moment the Patient enters our Clinic they are welcomed as family and treated with compassion. At Wa O&P we really do care about our patients and do our best to make their visit pleasant.

As a team we are always looking for ways to improve the patient experience.


We have two state-of-the-art locations to serve you in Tacoma and Puyallup.

“I am able to walk again with my new leg braces without pain for the first time – regaining mobility at Washington O&P has changed my life in so many ways”.
Tacoma, WA


What has worked well for years may not be what is best for your patients today. At Wa O&P we are always looking for ways new technology can be applied to benefit our patients.

    • Carbon fiber braces are more dynamic, lighter than ever.
    • Temperature Regulating interface materials and new patent controlled vacuum prosthetic suspension systems are changing the lives of all amputees.

Community Involvement

Wa O&P are fully committed to giving back to our medical community. We are active participants in Mary Bridge Festival of Trees and have provided funding for the new ER at Multicare as well.

Wa O&P has formed the Foot Health Alliance (FHA), a not-for-profit foundation and resource center to prevent limb loss. FHA donates 500 pairs of shoes and socks annually through a holiday shoe benefit.


As a local O&P Company, we understand that people can choose their O&P provider. We view our company as a leader in innovation and we strive to provide cost effective care for our patients and payers.

Complimentary Transportation

We are happy to provide Uber and Lyft transportation arrangements for our lifetime patients.

“My new prosthesis feels like I actually have my own leg back and I’m able to live again. Thomas Lizotte, LCPO cares about his patients and has always been there for me”
Spanaway, WA

Custom Pectus Carinatum Orthosis

This Pectus Carinatum brace is fully customized to each patient and requires no further modifications to be made by practitioners. Equipped with custom printed 3D panels and a velcro/BOA closure strap design for adjustability.

The panels are made off of a 3D scanned model of the patient. Corrective anterior/posterior compression is achieved seamlessly and comfortably. Between our custom 3D printed panels, variety of materials and customization features, our Pectus Carinatum Brace is second-to-none.

This is not an off the shelf brace, but rather specifically built for each individual patient.

3-Way Adjustability

The plastic panels are heat moldable and can be adjusted as needed with a basic heat gun. The BOA dials allow you to control anterior/posterior compression easily in facility without the need to bend metal. Lastly, the butterfly strap allows the back panel to be shifted in one direction or the other. It allows for “larger” optional circumferential adjustments to be made as the pectus deformity is corrected over time.


Anterior chest wall deformities caused by excessive growth and structural abnormalities of the cartilage of the ribs and breastbone.

"Design Your Own" option

The brace has some design selections when it comes to the plastic printed panels and the EVA foam padding colors. This enables the kids to feel involved in their bracing process.

Pectus Excavatum Klobe Bell

The Eckart Klobe Vacuum Bell lifts the rib cage by means of a partial vacuum to treat pectus excavatum, otherwise known as “funnel chest”. In most cases, the effect may be observed directly by looking through the viewing glass. Thereafter the task of the applied Vacuum Bell is to sustain the raised funnel in a raised position.

For successful correction of the funnel chest, it is necessary to apply the Vacuum Bell persistently over a long period of time.

Positioning of Klobe Bell

It is recommended to apply the Vacuum Bell while laying down. Position Bell directly over the middle of the funnel. To attach, sides are spread and slightly pressed to the body. The Bell should tighten itself with its inner flanks on the skin.

Applying Vacuum

Suction effect created when releasing the suction bulb. In most cases it is sufficient to press the suction bulb just once again when it has regained its round form.

Removing Device

At the end of a treatment sequence, turn the air inlet valve of the suction bulb to allow air to release and avoid abrupt aeration.

Advantageous Application Times

When the subsequent muscles do not have to work. Preferably before sleeping, if tolerable, while sleeping. Better after sports than before.